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At LDG Realty, we are committed to providing high-net-worth clients with high-end real estate trading and investment services. We have nearly 20 years of experience in buying and selling the high-end real estate in Greater Vancouver.

High End Residential

As a real estate professional firm, our experts have been working in Vancouver's high-end market and serving for many high-net-worth wealthy clients for many years. LDG Realty is familiar with Eastern and Western cultures, understands all kinds of clients' needs. We provide tailor-made plans and solutions for clients’ real estate transactions and investments, help clients Achieve the high-end real estate market in Vancouver. We have the experts including the top 1% of all greater Vancouver Realtors, and Medallion President’s Club Award Winners.

Land Development

LDG has facilitated over hundreds of millions of properties and development land,  inclusive each transaction over $30 Million properties and numerous record-breaking sales.

Project Marketing


We have successfully completed many real estate projects marketing and sales with our professional and dedicated services. Both the developers and the purchasers have reached their ideal goals and are very satisfied with the outcome of the transaction. At the same time, our services are highly appreciated and recognized by our clients.

Get Connected


 With many years of professional experience in Greater Vancouver, we have accumulated lots of  high-quality clients especially have dedicated channels fully linked to our high-net-worth clients’ network. 

LDG Realty can help with your real estate needs. 

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